Welcome to the CNIC Child & Youth Programs E-Library

Welcome to the Child and Youth Programs E-Library

This section of the website has been created with our Child & Youth Program (CYP) Professionals in mind. The E-library is designed as a one stop resource for all of your CYP documents, current news, and popular resources, as well as access to the CYP external online systems and partners. If you are looking for information about our childcare programs and availability, please note our online Request For Care is only a click away.
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External Systems

Easy access to the CYP external systems and resources that are important to a Child & Youth Professional. Please note that if the site requests a user name and password it is a restricted site and open only to authorized users.

What's New?

  • CYP E-Library Update Video
    You may notice some new features to the CYP E-Library site. Take a few minutes to view the video and learn how to navigate the new options! View now by double clicking the title above.
  • Immunization Schedule 2015
    The 2015 Immunization Schedule is available for review. Select the 'See All' tab and follow the link to the Immunization Schedule - 2015.
  • Requirements for Daily Inspection of CYP Facilities
    OPNAV 1700.9E (Ch. 21, para. 6) requires that the CYP Director or designee conduct a daily examination of the facilities and playgrounds to identify health, safety, and fire deficiencies and report deficiencies to the appropriate action officer. Select 'See All' for the full details.
  • Auto-Debit Authorization Form, CNICCYP 1700/49, Revision June 2015
    Updated June 2015 - the Auto Debit Authorization Form, 1700/49! Select the 'See All' to take you to the link or go to the Document Library section and select forms.
  • Join Now: Opportunities to enroll in the Professional Development Institute (PDI)
    The Child and Youth Program (CYP) Professional Development Institute (PDI) is an accelerated instructional program designed to prepare individuals for future careers as Navy CYP professionals. Select 'See All' to take you to the PDI flyer highlighting the URL link to the job announcement.
  • Navy Teen Summer Camp Scholarship Program
    CNIC CYP (N926) is pleased to announce the SCSP host sites for the 2015 Navy Teen Summer Camp Scholarship Program (SCSP)! Congratulations to NAF Atsugi, CFA Yokosuka, NSA Annapolis, NSA Naples, NSA Panama City, JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, and NS Rota! Select 'See All' to follow the link to the facebook and twitter pages for more information.
  • MDTI 2015 Score Sheets
    MDTI 2015 Score Sheets now available on the E–Library! Select 'See All' to access the links or search the E-Library under MDTI.
  • Military Extension Internship Program
    The Military Extension Internship Program Intern Orientation power point is now available on the E-Library. Select 'See All' to follow the link to the presentation.
  • Charter Schools on Military Installations - A Planning Guide
    A planning guide for establishing a charter school on a military base. Includes community support for charter school; DoD involvement in charter school options; enrollment considerations; facility use, base security requirements. Select See All to follow the link for more details.
  • CYP Blast - MIlitary School Age (MSA) Credential Basics Webinar Trainings
    Military School Age (MSA) Credential Basics Webinar Training are being offered Wednesday, 21 January 2015. Army Child and Youth Services (CYS) and the Council for Professional Recognition is offering a series of joint service Military School Age (MSA) Basics Webinars. Select 'See All' for more details.
  • Military's Preschool Program Considered A National Model
    National Public Radio (NPR), Kavitha Cardoza from member station WAMU in Washington, D.C. tells a story that is a testimony to the quality programming provided world-wide by CYP Professionals. Follow the link for access to the four-part audio story about "Military Children."
  • 2014 Management Standards Overview eLearning session
    I am happy to announce that the 2014 Management Standards Overview eLearning session is now available to view online. The training session is an overview of the changes from the Management Standards released in 2008 to the Management Standards Operation Manual that was updated in 2014. All Regional Advisory Board (RAB) members, CYP Installation Managers and Directors are required to review this training. Please select 'See All' for the details and the link to the course.
  • CYP News Blast Update: K12 Education Parent Webinar Series - Nov-May 2015
    The K12 Education Parent Webinar Series, Nov-May 2015 is an online training opportunity that offers a series of Parent Education Webinars. All active duty/reserve Navy and DoD personnel assigned to Navy installations are eligible to participate at no charge. Mark your calendars and register for the webinar that fits your needs. Select 'See All' for the link and more details.
  • CYP Update - News Blast - Child Abuse Reporting Procedures
    Child Abuse Reporting Procedures
  • Provider Immunization Waiver Form - CNICCYP 1700/46C
    The Provider Immunization Waiver Form for documenting both medical and religious immunization waiver requests is now available on the E-Library. Select the See All button to view the link.
  • Employee Immunization Waiver Form - CNICCYP 1700/46A
    The Employee Immunization Waiver Form for documenting both medical and religious immunization waiver requests is now available on the E-Library. Select the See All button to view the link.
  • Child Immunization Waiver Form - CNICCYP 1700/46B
    The Child Immunization Waiver Form for documenting both medical and religious immunization waiver requests is now available on the E-Library. Select the See All button to view the link.
  • Navy Child and Youth Programs "GIVE PARENTS A BREAK"!
    The Give Parents a Break program is designated for families experiencing duress due to a deployment or sponsors temporary change in duty station, recent transfer, family illness, caring for a child with special needs, or other unique circumstances.
  • 2014 Navy CYP Management Standard Published
    Navy CYP Management Standard released to the field!
  • Special Ed Connections
    Navy CYP is proud to announce a new K12 Special Education System Navigation resource for parents. Navy SLOs now have Special Ed Connections to share with EFMP families!
  • SLO Non DoD School Program Guidance
    New guidance has been provided for SLOs to help families notified of assignments to an OCONUS location serviced by a NDSP school. Sponsors following the regulations for this process is very important.
  • CYP Update - News Blast - 2014 CDH Inspection Criteria Modification Webinar
    The purpose of this webinar is to highlight modifications to the inspection process for the Child Development Home Program. The webinar is not a review of every modification to the 2014 inspection criteria. Select 'See All' for more information.
  • 2014 Inspection Training FAQ
    The 2014 Inspection Training FAQ is now available on the E-Library. Select 'See All' to follow the link to the document.
  • CYMS Child Files Training Video
    Did you miss the CYMS Child File training? Select 'See All' to access the URL link to view the training. Please note this is a public website and some CAC access computers may not allow you to view from a nmci computer.
  • CYMS Child Files Training
    Did you miss the CYMS Child Files Training? Select the 'See All' option to follow the link.
  • 2014 Inspection Training
    For those that were unable to attend the training a self-paced course is now available. Select the "See All" link below and follow the instructions on downloading the training video.
  • CYMS File Training
    These trainings are designed to provide step-by-step guidance to CYP Directors, Program Managers and support staff responsible for maintaining CYP Professional, Child and Training information in CYMS. All programs are required to have all information inputted into CYMS starting January 1, 2014.
  • CYMS FY14 Fee Policy Training-E-learning
    For those who were unable to attend the CYMS training a self paced course is now available. The training is designed to provide CYP Operations Clerks, CYP Directors and all support staff information related to the FY14 Fee Policy and step-by-step guidance on processing payments and specifically, the new payment codes through the Child and Youth Management System (CYMS).
  • Navy Teen Employment Policy Letter September 2014 and Attachments
    The Navy Teen Employment Grants for FY14 is now available. Commanders operating Navy CYP Programs who are interested in participating should submit a Grant Request to CNIC CYP (N926) no later than 04 October 2013. Commanders will be notified of the submitted grant consideration no later than 11 October 2013. Select 'See All' for more details.
  • Navy Youth Sports and Fitness (YSF) Implementation Process and training links
    The Navy YSF Operating Manual was developed to define, standardize program delivery, and enrich Navy CYP programming Navy- wide. In order to support the implementation of the Navy YSF program, a comprehensive training and assessment plan has been developed to support installation personnel through the process. A series of webinars have been developed to provide an overview of the program and detailed instruction related to specific YSF program content areas. Installations CYP Directors are responsible for ensuring that CYP Professionals responsible for the implementation and execution of YSF programming attends these trainings. Programs are required to implement the standards found in the Navy YSF Operating Manual by the end of FY2014.
  • CDH Supplemental Funding Policy Letter and Replacement Form with Safety Standards Portfolio
    The CDH policy letter, CDH Supplemental Funding for Replacement of Play Yards that addresses play yard replacement and subsides. The request form, CDH Supplemental Funding for Replacement of Play Yards and the Safety Standards for Play Yards are attached in this portfolio.
  • Standardized Position Descriptions
    Navy Child and Youth Programs standardized positions descriptions (PDs) are required to be used for all Navy CYP operations. Enclosure (1) provides an updated chart of all CYP standardized PDs which are required to be used. Both Appropriated Fund (APF) and Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) standardized PDs have been classified and are provided.
  • Health and Mental Health Needs of Children in US Military Families, APA
    The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been challenging for US uniformed service families and their children. Almost 60% of US service members have family responsibilities. Approximately 2.3 million active duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members have been deployed since the beginning of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Select the 'See All' tab for an opportunity to read the whole report.
  • Safe Sleep Practice Policy letter and guidelines
    CNIC launches the "Safe Sleep Practice policy letter," which provides guidelines for reducing the risk of sudden death syndrome (SIDS). Common practices outlined throughout the policy letter reflect that of current research for establishing the safest and healthiest environment for children in care. Select the 'See All' below for more information.
  • Navy CYP Update, April 2013
    The April Navy CYP Update is now available to read about recent policy and programmatic news from CNIC CYP Professionals. This month's update contains information regarding Career Opportunities, Assessment Cycle Process Curriculum Training, Curriculum Updates, Operational Guidance, articles on the Child & Youth Educational Services programs in the field and much more. Follow the See All tab to view the update.
  • 2013 Office of Family Policy Camp Programs
    The Office of Family Policy is pleased to once again offer a number of exciting camp opportunities for military youth in 2013. These camps are offered through the DoD's partnership with the USDA and the Land Grant Universities' Cooperative Extension System. Each year, thousands of military youth between the ages of 6 and 18 participate in a variety of day, residential and adventure camps through this partnership. Through evaluation conducted by Virginia Tech and Purdue Universities, we know that these camps have a positive impact on the attendees. These camp programs focus on resiliency, creating a sense of belonging, and building skills in communication, self-efficacy, coping and social interaction. In 2013 camps will be offered in more than 30 states. Each camp is unique in what it offers and the ages of campers involved. Camps associated with the Army's Operation: Military Kids program focus on supporting children and youth who are or have recently experienced the deployment of a parent while the Teen Adventure Camps focus on High Adventure Opportunities for Military Teens.
  • Navy CYP Update, February 2013
    The February CYP Update for is available in the E-library! The CYP update is where you can read about the most recent policy and process news from CNIC CYP Professionals. This month's update contains Child Development Associate and Military School Age Credentialing, Teen Employment Program, Current Job Openings, Operation Megaphone Worldwide Lock In, Kick Butts Day Event Opportunities and more! Check us out on the E-library today.
  • CYP Professional Development Institute Launches CYP Professional Development Institute
    CYP Professional Development Institute (PDI) CNIC N926 launched the professional development initiative by piloting the CYP Professional Development Institute (PDI) in Guantanamo Bay Cuba in September 2012.
  • Navy Fit Factor initiative ends
    The Navy FitFactor initiative ended on 30 November 2012. Although the website will be gone, Navy Youth Programs will continue to offer a variety of sports, fitness and fun activities with the forthcoming Navy Youth Fitness Operating Manual!
  • Spring Interns selected and Summer 2013 Internship Applications Now Open !
    We are pleased to welcome Spring 2013 Interns for placements during January-April 2013 in the following regions: Guam, Hawaii, Naval District Washington, Southeast and Southwest. Summer 2013 Internship Applications Now Open!Applications for Summer intern positions opened 30 November and will remain open until 30 January 2013.
  • CNIC CYP Team Points of Contact
    CYP has a team of experts ready to assist you in your program questions. Please use this point of contact list to help you find the correct points of contact for your CYP needs. If you need general information, please contact juana.ray@navy.mil.

Need to Apply for Childcare

Navy Child and Youth Programs (CYP) provide developmental child care and youth recreational programs and services for eligible children and youth ages 4 weeks to 18 years of age. Programs and services are specifically designed and operated to meet the unique needs of the military mission and Service members and their families. If you need to request child care from the Navy please select the link below.