The USCG Child Care Subsidy Program offers Coast Guard members enrolled in a community based childcare program a subsidy to offset the cost of childcare. Follow the steps below to get the forms and documents you need to complete your application.

Are you a currently enrolled sponsor that needs to update child care costs, a new Provider, or type of care? Please use the Child Care Attendance and Cost Worksheet. Submit the completed form to



Download the forms and materials you need.

  • Download these fillable forms onto your computer. (Click on the form and when it opens, save the form/document to your computer. When you fill it out, save it again.) Once you have completed all forms, save them to your computer.
  • If you need help downloading the forms or filling them out, please contact  

Forms you need to download for initial application or annual renewal:

Other Forms:

The Providers listed at the link below are Enrolled Child Care Providers in the USCG Child Care Fee Assistance Program. Providers not listed are encouraged to complete the Application to Become an Enrolled Child Care Provider.
  *The Enrolled Child Care Provider Listing was updated on 1 OCT 2021. Additional Providers may have been added since this date. 
 Revised Family Standards will be published soon

Next, collect all required documentation.

You must submit the applicable items on the list below in order for your initial or renewal application to be processed. A Navy CYP Fee Assistance Program caseworker may request additional documentation after reviewing your application.

  • BAH/Dependency Data Sheet CG Form 4170
  • Most recent Leave and Earning Statements (LES) of the Sponsor
  • Spouse/Partner pay statements for the past month or past 4 weeks (as applicable, if spouse/partner is NOT self-employed)
  • Sponsor's Active Duty Orders or a print out of Direct *Access under the Enterprise Menu
  • Notarized Power of Attorney (as applicable, if spouse/partner is required to sign documents in Sponsor's absence)
  • Certification of Self-Employment (if used to satisfy employment requirement)
  • Spouse/partner school schedule (if applicable-- minimum 6 credit hours per semester required)

Use the calculator below to determine your estimated subsidy benefit.

Child Care Subsidy Calculator

Select or enter the data marked with *

$ ---

Submit your application packet.

Email your completed application and supporting documentation to

Thank you for your time in submitting these documents.

We will contact you soon regarding your application.